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The concept behind the name "Goophicusgraphicus" was originally to use humor, a play on words, pithy words or satire, to make a point about social issues, or to illustrate how "goophy" our thinking can be.   As time passed, many other ideas came to mind.  Some more serious, some educational, some deep thoughts and some wisdom, all created to help us live in a wacky world of goofiness.   So the name, originally intended to be all about humor and satire, now addresses serious issues as well.  After all, the world is very "goophy" and needs to be addressed graphically.

The definition of "goofy" is quite revealing:  ridiculous; silly; wacky; nutty; being crazy; mildly ludicrous.  The goophiness of this world we live in is now graphically illustrated for all to see.


There are over 70 original paintings created with Photoshop Painting software, exclusively for and copyrighted by Goophicusgraphicus, which add a dimension of creativity and beauty not found on competing websites.  Also, multiple cartoon characters have been created to add some humor to express the "goophiness" of the world we live in today.


1...THE SCRIPTURES  Thought provoking scriptures from the Bible, some with art, are printed on coffee mugs, as a daily reminder of what is really important.  There are ten different subjects to choose from, which are organized to make it easier for you to find the significant scripture.  Each scripture is also tagged so you can go to the search bar to see if it is available.  If one is not there, email and it will be created.  The ten subjects are Commandments, Encouragement, Faith, Love, Overcoming, Praise, Promises, Proverbs,  Prophecy, and Wisdom from God.  Many of the scripture mugs include "The Truth Behind the Scripture", an analysis of the meaning of the verse based on the original Greek or Hebrew, without a particular doctrinal slant, just reading the words for what they say.

2...ARCHAEOLOGY  This can be a very deep subject, depending of course on how deep you had to dig.  The secrets of the past are covered with tons of dirt waiting to be discovered by those with the interest and patience.  A modern gold coin is worth the current price of gold.  An ancient gold coin found is priceless.  This collection contains T-shirts, sweatshirts and coffee mugs with ancient and somewhat modern gold and silver coins.  Included are humorous play on word messages.  Some discoveries are pictured as well.  There is also a special painting created exclusively for Goophicusgraphicus to celebrate the life of a great archaeologist of our modern time.

3...COWBOY CHARACTERS  Some of the most enjoyable movies online are the old cowboy moviesThe great actors of the past and a few from the present have kept us entertained with tales from the Wild West.  Randolph Scott starred and produced several movies from Zane Grey books.  John Wayne starred and produced several of the well known classics.  Clint Eastwood filled the gap in the recent decades, along with Tom Selleck and Kevin Costner, to name a few of the most popular.  No one seems to be stepping up to replace them today.  The charm of the old cowboy movies is the fact that the "bad guys" always looked bad and met their justice in the end.  Good always prevailed and won the day.  Original paintings created exclusively for Goophicusgraphicus are printed on T-shirts, sweatshirts and coffee mugs.

4...EMOJI FACES The Emoji Collection is used in a humorous way to illustrate the subliminal, or how one can say one thing, but be thinking the exact opposite.  Call it the Subliminal T ( for Thought and T-shirt).  Some emoji faces express just what they illustrate.

5...ESSENTIAL OILS The Essential Oil Collection is for the business builder and the personal essential oil users.  Humor, and the play on words, are effectively used to make a point.  Original designs have been created to express the many essential oil thoughts and facts.

6...GARDENING  Humor is used to express the Joy of Gardening, the world's oldest profession.

7...FUNNY FACE CARICATURES  Famous comedians and infamous politicians make up this collection.  A caricature is defined as "a representation, especially pictorial or literary, in which the subject's distinctive features or peculiarities are deliberately exaggerated to produce a comic or grotesque effect".  Original caricature paintings have been created exclusively for Goophicusgraphicus.

8...GREAT MINDS Great Minds is divided into four collections.  Each category has original paintings created exclusively for Goophicusgraphicus.

      A...FOUNDING FATHERS  The "Magnificent Seven" form the basis of the Founding Fathers.  Original art created exclusively for Goophicusgraphicus presents the famous men with their famous quotes, which are more applicable today than they were in 1776.  They are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine.

      B...RARE EARTH PEOPLE The famous from modern and ancient history are presented with original art created exclusively for Goophicusgraphicus.  Their wise and inspiring quotes add to our knowledge and understanding of history.  We all have heard of rare earth metals.  Consider that some people must have been created from Rare Earth.

      C...GREAT PRESIDENTS  Included in this group are those that had a positive impact on the direction of the United States as well as some great quotes to their credit.

      D... WISDOM of the ANCIENTS  Quotes from famous characters in history, illustrated by original art or a marble bust are used to reveal the wisdom of the ancients that has passed the judgment of time. The ancient wisdom is even more accurate and relevant today.  The Wisdom Collection is composed of wise sayings that many never think about, but once read, make you say to yourself, "Hmmmmmm" or "Yes, that is so true".  Wise sayings, if followed, can change lives.

9...HYSTERICAL Hillarious very exaggerated cartoon faces are applied to illustrate both humorous and pithy points, sometimes illustrating the "goophiness" of the human race.

10...INSPIRING The Inspiring Collection includes thoughts that inspire and cause one to think deeper. 

11...JOY OF LIFE Deep thoughts, righteousness, common sense and logic are used to point out the tragedy of what could be the greatest holocaust in the history of mankind.

12...PATRIOTIC  This collection is composed of eagles, flags, Uncle Sam, lions and other illustrations to make patriotic statements.

13...POLITICALLY INCORRECT Political Incorrect is divided into two collections or categories.

       A...POLITICALLY INCORRECT ART  Original art created for Goophicusgraphicus is combined with what the establishment would consider to be politically incorrect statements.  The error of political correctness, when analyzed at face value, is illustrated by pointing out the lack of sound mindedness, the inability to critically think and the complete lack of common sense that has vanished from modern society.

       B...POLITICALLY INCORRECT STATEMENTS  No art, just words.  Because political correctness can be so ridiculous, it can be very funny, once analyzed.  Being Politically Incorrect can be very pointed and pithy, as well.  Those that live politically correct lives as modern society dictates to us, just won't "get it", concerning this collection.  They will probably get angry.  No apologies.

14...REDNECK The Redneck Collection takes an humorous and sometimes serious look at our favorite adult beverages.  Humor is used to take a deeper view into the proper use of alcohol.  The other side of what we laugh at has a big message.

15...SECOND AMENDMENT This collection addresses the issue of the freedom to bear arms.

What makes this website so different from all the others out there is that it is not designed just to sell a product.  The shock value of inappropriate words and sexual innuendo designed to appeal to the lower levels of human thinking and humor have been eliminated.  This is a website to enjoy, laugh, think more deeply, be inspired and become educated, as a family.

Thank you for your interest,

R Will Young