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One of the greatest lessons one can learn in life is to never get discouraged by what you are doing today.  Whether it is a boring job, a class that seems meaningless or something you are learning on your own... NEVER think this is a gargantuan waste of time.  Give it a one hundred percent effort every day.  That attitude, all by itself, will set you apart from everyone else.  One never knows if what they learn today will be of monumental use, one, five, ten, twenty or even thirty years down the road.  Such is the case of


It was the summer of 1987 that this artist decided to take an art course at Wichita State University.  Being a landscape designer, the art gene was already there.  One section of the art class was pen and ink drawing.  This is where this artist discovered that he had a knack for pen and ink.  Having taught himself calligraphy several years earlier, there was already some coordination developed between brain and hand.


The class inspired him to draw some cartoon caricatures on 11x14 strathmore paper.  The result was some funny faces with exaggerated expressions and a fitting saying in calligraphy on the drawing.  Some of the drawings were used for a class reunion brochure for 1988.  By the summer of 1988, about 20 drawings had been created.


The next step (1990) was using some of the drawings in some business brochures that advertised a product.  More pen and ink work was used in the brochures besides the cartoon caricatures.   This artist took the brochures back to Wichita State University to share with his former teacher.  To his shock, the art professor said, "You have done more with a three hour art course than most of our students do with a four year graphics design degree".


It was in 1990, that the idea to make a cartoon strip in a business newsletter using the drawings came to mind.  This never happened but the idea for the name of the strip was born.   Goophicusgraphicus.  A new "sub-species".  But where did the idea for such a name originate?  Years earlier, his very first landscape customer asked him, "What is the botanical name for Hen and Chicks?"  Hen and chicks is a succulent plant that has a "mother plant" surrounded by "baby plants", hence, Hen and Chicks.  He wasn't sure, had an idea as to the correct answer (was right), but decided not to play her game of testing his knowledge.  The reply was, "Henus chickenus".  She laughed and said she wouldn't ask him any more questions. 


There was the thought that these might make some clever t-shirt designs. The cartoon caricatures were placed in a portfolio with plastic covers.  There they slept for 30 years.  Occasionally, an idea for another caricature would come to mind and it would be added to a list of future drawing projects.


During August 2017, there was a national political art contest, with artwork competing against videos.  This artist prepared an entry.  That re-fired the desire to create art again.  This led to the question, "Why not turn these into full color art?"  The first thought was to use watercolor paintings to do the job.  The final decision was to use Photoshop.  No paper.  No paint.  No brushes.  No paint cleaner.   Problem was... No knowledge.  

Thank you, Youtube.


But the learning curve was off the charts for this artist.  Three months later all Photoshop artwork was dumped into the computer trash.  The major mistakes were figured out, but it was starting all over again.  Plus learning that the only way to successfully use Photoshop is with the major help from a Wacom tablet.

Once about 60 drawings were completed it was time to start building an eCommerce website.  Two months later, spending 6 days a week trying to build the website, it became disappointingly obvious that the company he was using was not going to get the job done.  All website work was dutifully placed into computer trash land.  It has been said, "If a person has never failed, then they have never tried".


The best decisions made so far are learning Photoshop (about 10% of the capabilities), buying a Wacom tablet... AND CHOOSING SHOPIFY as his website builder.  As he told one of the Shopify gurus, he is producing the product ideas,  building a cart to carry the products and Shopify is providing the MHz Clydesdales and ram buckets full of oats to pull the cart.


It was an idea 30 years ahead of it's time.  Today we have the internet, eCommerce sites to develop a website, the invention of DTG printing (Direct to Garment) and sublimation printing for white polyester t-shirts, mugs, plates, mouse pads, plus printing on metal or wood.  Add to this, worldwide shipping and credit/debit card instant payment.  And not to be forgotten, the invention of cellular phones to order products online.  About 40-50% of purchases online are performed on an iPhone.  All of the pieces of the puzzle fit together in 2006 when DTG printing was invented.  There has never been a time in history, like we are blessed to have, where anybody with an idea has the format already developed to give birth to their dreams.  


The concept behind the name goophicusgraphicus is to use humor, a play on words or satire to poke a finger in the "eye" of human nature, exposing its self-centeredness, its hypocrisy, and the humor that can be uncovered by revealing the many manifestations of the mind.

Political correctness is exposed using political incorrectness to illustrate the lack of sound mindedness or reasoning.  Because that can be so ridiculous it sometimes can become very funny.  But it can be very pointed and pithy, as well.

Famous or even little known quotes from history are used to reveal the wisdom of the ancients that has passed the judgment of time, to become even more accurate and relevant today, than when they were originally stated.

The Emoji Collection is used in a humorous way to illustrate the subliminal, or how one can say one thing, but be thinking the exact opposite.  Call it the Subliminal T ( for Thought and T-shirt).

The Inspirational Collection includes thoughts that inspire and cause one to think deeper.

Two additional collections are added as personal favorites.  One involving Essential Oils and the other Gardening.

Thank you for your interest,

R Will Young